Productivity 5-Day Challenge

Productivity 5-Day Challenge

Boost Your Productivity With This Highly Interactive Short-Course!

Course Summary

This challenge was designed for anyone who wants to increase their productivity. This will be especially helpful if you are new to working from home and you are finding it difficult to get work done.

Over the next five days you will learn how to maximize your time so that you can increase your productivity.

Increase Your Productivity Even As You Transition To Working From Home

We are in a unique time. Along with the legitimate fears and uncertainties of this viral pandemic, we are faced with working from home, uncertain if we'll keep our jobs,  if we can keep our business afloat, and many other stresses.

This challenge will help you with staying focused and on-point as well as getting more done.

Topics Include:

  •  - Stress Relief
  •  - Eliminating Distractions 
  •  - Energy
  •  - Clarity
 - Focus

Course Curriculum

John Ruman

My name is John Ruman. I presently live in the Southern-most Caribbean island of Trinidad.

My mission on this planet is to help humanity achieve greatness and unlock our unlimited potential. I’m here to serve so we can all stop playing small and live the life we are destined to live.

This online platform is designed to help us break through and dissolve barriers so we can shine bright.

Topics vary from confidence building to practical things such as productivity & time management, to every day things like exercise, vitality, & diet.

If this sounds like a journey you want to join me and others on, come aboard. There is room for everyone and a seat with your name on it.

Alicia Holder

Trinidad & Tobago Graduate

Content was very informative  and thought provoking. Great delivery, simple and effective. I enjoyed the methods for breaking down daily tasks.  I also learnt about myself and others, as well as some good management techniques.  Last but no least it was more than what I expected.  Totally worth my time and investment.

Course Pricing

Productivity 5-Day Challenge

$27 USD

  • Become your most productive self in this interactive short-course. Get your phone and pen/paper ready!

    • 2 1/2 hours of valuable content in 5 bite-size chunks
    • Exclusive membership to our Productivity Reboot Community
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