Online Business Success

Online Business Success

5-Day Challenge

Course Summary

This challenge was designed for you to build your online business during this time where traditional businesses can no longer function as usual.

Over the next five days you will learn how to get your business online and start earning revenue. If you already have an online business, you can use this challenge to increase your efficiency within your business.

Topics covered:
- Why you need to take this step
- Zoom Meetings
- Online Forms
- CRMs
- How different types of businesses can move into this space

Once you start, you'll have access to module one. Every other module after that will be unlocked a day apart, in order from 2-5.


Graduate - Trinidad & Tobago

It was awesome. I'm now clear on why I need both Mailchimp and a CRM for my business. 

Course Curriculum


Graduate - Trinidad & Tobago

This was a very informative and interactive session with lots of tips that can be put to use immediately. Thanks again guys!

John Ruman

My name is John Ruman. I presently live in the Southern-most Caribbean island of Trinidad.

My mission on this planet is to help humanity achieve greatness and unlock our unlimited potential. I’m here to serve so we can all stop playing small and live the life we are destined to live.

This online platform is designed to help us break through and dissolve barriers so we can shine bright.

Topics vary from confidence building to practical things such as productivity & time management, to every day things like exercise, vitality, & diet.

If this sounds like a journey you want to join me and others on, come aboard. There is room for everyone and a seat with your name on it.

Rachael Hunte

I love helping and teaching others. I am a virtual assistant which allows me to help many different business owners take their business to the next level by giving them the support they need. I am also a Virtual Assistant Consultant where I have the awesome opportunity to teach others how to create a VA business. 

My goal is to share the knowledge I have acquired with others so that we can all learn, grow and make the world a better place. 

Kee Sha

Graduate - Trinidad & Tobago

Great first meeting. Useful nuggets that can be put into action right away. Thank you John and Rachael. 

Course Pricing

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$27 USD

  • Lifetime Access to All 5 Modules

    • Five 30-minute Video Lessons
    • Discuss online options for all types of businesses
    • Zoom - -Learn how to use and leverage online meetings
    • Online Forms - Get familiar with the time savings and ease of these tools
    • CRM - Client Relationship Management software - learn to scale your clients
    • Wrapping up the sections with an overview to pull it all together
    • Become an Exclusive Member to the Destiny Greatness Community
    • Receive early access and special discounts to programs and workshops
    • Located in T&T? Local banking deposit/transfer options available. TT$200
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